Course Objectives and Actions

Food and Nutrition Knowledge

- Participants will identify a variety of food sources for high quality micro and macro nutrients, including carbohydrates, proteins, and fats

- Participants will be able to effectively compare and contrast nutrient-density of packaged goods

Food Preparation Skills

- Participants will be able to describe one strategy they plan to use to select and shop for nutrient-rich foods

- Participants will be able to describe one strategy they plan to use to create meals and snacks with optimal nutrient composition

Behavioral Changes 

- Participants will increase consumption of nutrient-rich foods

- Participants will confidently navigate the grocery store

- Participants will prepare at least one recipe or food from this course over the next week

- Participants will begin creating a kitchen supportive of storing, preparing and consuming nutrient-rich meals and snacks

Goal Setting

- Upon conclusion of this course, participants will complete a personal goal setting sheet with an action plan to encourage self-efficacy in the preparation of nutrient-rich meals and snacks


- Your Ultimate Guide to Hitting the Road: Eating Out E-book

- Kitchen Sync: Your Ultimate Guide to Building a Healthy Kitchen

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