Course Objectives and Actions

Foundation of Knowledge

- Participants will be able to differentiate between mindful and mindless eating

- Participants will understand the role of hunger and fullness cues in achieving more mindful eating practices

- Participants will identify triggers to mindless eating

Food Preparation Skills

- Participants will taste recipes in a mindful way to increase their preference for practicing mindful eating

- Participants will be able to describe one strategy they plan to use when creating and enjoying meals and snacks that encourage mindful eating.

Behavioral Changes

- Participants will practice two mindful eating strategies over the course of the next week

- Participants will practice using the hunger scale before meals and snacks

- Participants will create an environment supportive of consuming meals and snacks mindfully

Goal Setting

- Upon conclusion of this course, participants will complete a personal goal setting sheet with an action plan to encourage self-efficacy and accountability in practicing mindful eating


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- Nutrition Management of Migraines E-Book

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